Is making the TEMPLATE PATTERN as easy as it sounds?

It's as easy as tracing an outline on paper. Some applications can be a little more involved, i.e. an innerspring mattress that would be difficult to remove from the boat but generally speaking, tracing the cushions is a simple process.

How does the 'Tufted Topper' compare to an innerspring mattress?

Not only are we much more affordable but we take up a lot less space, saving valuable head room. When 'Tufted Topper' is used with your present cushions, it provides the same plush feel and support equal to that of an expensive pillow-top mattress. 'Tufted Topper' provides a virtual 'sea' of mattress comfort, covering your entire sleeping area hiding everything from open seams and extra firm foam to buttons and cording. You won't believe this 2" pad can make such a difference until you try it.

What exactly is NANO~PEL TM and why should I care if you use it ?

NANO~PEL TM is a cutting-edge fabric protector developed especially for the mattress industry by Burlington House Fabrics. It is a permanent stain resistant process that will not wash or wear off and can be easily spot cleaned with a mild detergent and because it repels liquids and minimizes stains, it is ideal for the marine industry. We are the first to use it exclusively.

You mention 4-layer construction. Is that important?

Absolutely! Each layer plays an important role and the materials were carefully selected for each specific job.

The bottom layer is a heavy duty, tightly woven, cotton fabric which provides excellent wear protection and helps to keep the 'Tufted Topper' securely in place.

The 1" second layer is premium 1.6 density foam which adds body to the pad.

The 1" layer of pre-compressed high density Dacron fiber-fill, is perhaps the most critical. It provides the softness to the pad and insulates the body from the foam layer which tends to absorb and retain heat and moisture. The fiber-fill layer disperses heat and helps to maintain a comfortable and consistently cooler surface. A BIG difference from sleeping directly on foam.

The NANO~PEL TM outer fabric is absolutely the very best mattress surface available and a natural for the marine environment. Tough and durable, yet soft and smooth. Just like your mattress at home.

I've seen the mattress displays at the boat shows and their products look really nice but I'm concerned about a loss of headroom space with those thick mattress.

Head space is a very precious commodity. Replacing a 4" cushion with an 8" - 10" mattress greatly reduces your available head room. At just under 2" thick, 'Tufted Topper's' additional height is hardly noticeable, but the cost savings is very noticeable!

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