tuftedtopper: Price

Only $ 335.00 for any size one-piece 'Topper' with no inverted corners!


One-piece 'Topper' any size with inverted corner(s) - $365.00.

Two-piece 'Topper' for twin berths/bunks (no wider than 36" each) - $365.00.

Two-piece 'Topper' with inverted corner(s) - $395.00.

Inverted Corner(s): Any place on your cushions or mattress that has a cutout to go around anything is considered an inverted corner. The example shows inverted corners on all four corners but an inverted corner can be any place along the sides or corners of your cushions or mattress. An inverted corner adds time to production of the 'Topper' and therefore increases the cost.

After receipt of payment, we'll send along our Measuring/Order Processing Kit. It contains complete instructions, template paper for making your 'Topper' pattern, information about our custom-fitted sheet program strictly for 'Tufted Topper' customers, and a pre-addressed mailer to send your pattern to the factory for processing.



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