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'Tufted Topper' is an ultra-plush, quilted, 'pillow-top' mattress pad that's custom fitted to your boat's sleeping cushions using our simple template pattern kit. This cushy pad will turn your sleeping area into the smooth, one-piece surface you need for a comfortable night's rest.

'Tufted Topper' provides a level of sleeping comfort you never thought possible with your existing cushions and at a fraction of the cost of a new mattress. Hard cushions and open seams are now a thing of the past as 'Tufted Topper' makes them disappear forever.

Already have an Innerspring Mattress on your boat but it's still uncomfortable? 'Tufted Topper' is the perfect solution for you, too. It provides a cool, quilted, 2" thick 'pillow-top' layer that feels like your bed at home, maybe even better.

V-Berth V-Berth with 'Tufted Topper'
Dinette Dinette with 'Tufted Topper'

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'Topper' folds easily to access under berth storage areas or for storing.

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