"We were all set to purchase an innerspring mattress when I saw your ad. 'Tufted Topper' is a great sleeping surface, maybe even better than the mattress we almost bought AND we saved a lot of money." - Andrew J. - Florida

"The marine sleeping solution of the century." - Visitor - Annapolis Boat Show

"I absolutely love your 'Tufted Topper'. I am completely impressed at how similar it is to a real mattress. I am so happy that I bought your product and not a custom-made mattress for 5x the money. - Ken A. - Chicago, IL

"The perfect solution for those of us with older boats not looking to invest in a custom-made mattress." - Satisfied Customer

"I'm a Florida live-a-board and have been looking for something like your product for a very long time. The pattern was easy to make and my 'Topper' fits perfectly. I am very impressed with the materials and workmanship. Thanks so much for a great product. I'll tell all my friends about you." - Mark B. - Florida

"Last year we sold our house sooner than expected and were forced to live on our boat for the entire summer. This was the first time we'd had to really try the 'Tufted Topper' - WOW, what a difference it made. It really doesn't look like it would do that much but it really does. We spent 3 months on the boat and 6 weeks in a hotel when it got cold in the harbor. We were far more comfortable on the boat than on the hotel bed. Everyone we know knows about your great product." - Howard & Lynne W. - Illinois

"The bed in our camper is now as comfortable as our bed at home!" - Francine & Ted K. - Mesa, AZ

"Sleeping on the boat with our new 'Tufted Topper' felt just as comfortable as being at home. It was money well spent. Thanks for a great product. " - Max S. - Colorado

"First good night's sleep I've ever had on my boat. A truly great product." - Larry M. - Worth, IL

"My back never felt so good in the morning." - Tom L. - Annapolis, MD

"Can't believe the difference your 'Tufted Topper' made and we have an innerspring mattress. It feels just as good as our 'pillow-top' mattress at home." - Matt K. - Indiana

"I ordered a 'Topper' last year and it worked great! I was able to get rid of the memory foam because it is totally not needed with your product. I also ordered a sheet set and it fit perfectly. Thank you!" - Nancy B. - Duluth, MN

"Best investment we've made for our boat in years." - Bob G. - Pittsburgh, PA

"We really enjoy our 'Tufted Topper'. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Arlene G. - Houston, TX

"Thank you so much for the 'Tufted Topper'. It fits perfectly and looks great. We'll be sure to tell our friends about your product and how to reach you." - Glen & Patricia M. - California

"We had the best 10 days on the Chesapeake Bay ever thanks to the 'Tufted Topper'. My wife and I have never slept on the boat so soundly. No waking up with any aches or pains. Thanks for such nice work." - John D. - Columbia, MD

Tufted Topper 2003